jigane shikkui kote

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1. Compared to trowels such as honyaki and stainless steel, which are often used for plaster holding work, the trowels are less likely to cause the phenomenon and are more comfortable to trowel.
2. The trowel is good and there is no waste light like a plastic trowel.
3. The trowel pressure unevenness (light unevenness) that tends to occur with conventional trowels is less likely to occur.
4. There is no omission and the overall finish is even and neat.
5. The tip round Ueda specification makes the belly hot (rounded) so that the entire surface of the trowel can be hit even with a large size. A gem supervised by a master of the plastering world [Mr. Toshihiko Ueda, a plasterer on Awaji Island].

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